Social Media Guard....needed? .....Yes

Next time I entertain the girls i’m giving them a Coca-Cola Social Media Guard!
Atmosphere @ Burj Khalifa



Social Media Guard – needed?

It was recently reported that the average tech savvy individual looks at their phone over 300 times a day, initially I thought to myself ‘surely not’ …. although if I were to take today as an example…. yes i’m one of them!

Do you constantly notice your friends taking pictures of food, checking in, tweeting quotes, pinning wedding gowns….yes of course we do. My girls came to Dubai….I took them up the tallest building in the world and they spent more time on their phones….picture to follow! We are all the same though really.

Coca Cola have come up with an incredibly useful device to bring us back to each other, face to face conversation and making memories with friends….the Social Media Guard….I love it!

Facebook Faces – how true…

I’ve just read a great article in wkend the Khaleej Times supplement. wkend is great for articles you read and really fully understand, very real even if you don’t always agree #like

Facebook Faces, by Karen Ann Monsy

She states “The whole world is on the most popular social media site, but what is your Facebook avatar: stalker, habitual ‘liker’, ‘selfie’ artist, check in specialist, self promoter, follower? We profile the most common types of ‘virtual denizen’ attributes”

Well the ‘whole world’ might be a strong statement but I can certainly count on one hand the people I know who aren’t on Facebook. Even my Mom is, she might not have mastered it but she certainly has a FB presence on the site we check….how many times a day!?

Her article states that among your Facebook ‘friends’ (friends said loosely because I appear to have 602 – lucky me, 602 friends – another interesting subject area for another day) you can categorise people into the following titles, and yes it’s very true. Read the list below and I guarantee one name comes to mind for each.


1. The selfie artists

2. The stalkers

3. The habitual commentators/likers

4. The attention seekers

5. The self-promoters

6. The activists

7. The loved up ones a) The over sharing parent b) The PDA couple c) The proud pet owner

8. The check-in experts

9. The Poker/Gamers

10. The unnaturally popular

If you’re my Facebook friend which one do you think I thought was you????


I only went and did it!!!…..

Bucket list….run a marathon….tick complete!

It was on the Bucket List, I’ve always wanted to run a marathon!

The night before I can’t deny I was nervous, I doubted my fitness and my will power! Moral of the story is I shouldn’t have….

Up at 5am on Friday morning to get in a taxi and make my way to the start line of the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, I was feeling a mix of nerves, excitement and dedication. Bags dropped off and there I was at the start line with hundreds of others, some looking more scared than me and others talking about running a PB – I was just aiming to cross the finish line.

Me at the start…


The course was not the most interesting, a pretty straight road and sole destroying when you could see on the opposite side of the road the markers you were so far from but yet so close. I ran the entire way other than a bathroom break (run into a cafe-toilet-out) at 18K. At 31K I hit a wall, my legs were stiff, tired and even with regular energy shots, my energy was low….but there was no way I was stopping running!

I spoke to a man at 37K, his words of encouragement and my “Do you know what…I think we can do this!!” made me smile and spurred me to continue. I saw him again at about 40K and we were both still going!

How on earth I had the energy to pick my pace up in the ‘home straight’ I’ll never know but I did.

Marathon complete in 3 hours 50 minutes and 28 seconds.

The girl did good, I totally underestimated my fitness and my capabilities, I cannot tell you how great it was when I saw Sophie and Stewart and had a big hug of congratulations….so bloody proud of myself!


Celebrated with lunch and then an evening of wine!

A day to go down in history for me, great memories, great friends and a great acheivment!

Love my life!

New year’s resolutions….

Well, we are at the time of the year where so many of us think we are starting a fresh and we are going to change things!

This year i’m….

….going to get fit

….eat less cakes

….drink less alcohol

…have more fun

….cry less…..ra ra ra!

Can you even remember what last years resolution was, or what you gave up for lent!? I can’t, but I am certain it would have been something ridiculous and I’m almost certain I haven’t stuck to it!

So this morning on my daily pinterest mission I came across this….and I think it’s fab….


…and that is exactly what i’m going to do!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone x


So it’s the last day of 2013…..

As 2013 closes today, looking back its been one hell of a year…

I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve changed jobs, I’ve swapped countries…….many happy moments with family and friends!

As this year closes, 2014 starts and I can’t wait! New Years Eve tonight and my first in a different country…a country I now call home!



How true, I can’t wait to write this 365 page book, because i’m certain….



…But first back to reality…what time will my boss let the #prcitygirl go home today, she’s a party to go to you know!!

…Happy New Year everyone!!!

WOW I live in Dubai…Moments!

Well here we are, Christmas Eve in Dubai!

I a few moments each and every day where I think to myself…

WOW I live in Dubai

I appreciate how lucky I am and how amazing my life is now!

A few of these moments so far include:

  • I could easily get a taxi or bother to a car … but despite this in these lovely winter climes (max 26 degrees today) I totally love my walk/metro/walk to work every day. I walk across the bridge and still now sometimes the skyline which surrounds me stops me in my tracks! #stunning …not only an extra 35 mins walking to substitute another latte but a WOW moment too!
  • Everyday when I open my curtains I see the Atlantis, a place I could only dream of catching a glimpse of before I first holidayed here back in June this year.
  • The fountains at night, they are bigger than Vegas, and each set is truly stunning.
  • Everytime I run around the marina, again surrounded with great views
  • The skyline view from standing/dancing with the sand between my toes at Barasti….I think when I saw that in June. I decided i’m going to live here, and here I am!
  •  Views from the top of Princess Tower, the tallest residential building in the world
  •  View from the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, seen with my best friend from school Miss Jennifer Mayling.
  • Blu Marlin – last 3 people on the dancefloor, what a great day

I could go on and on and i’m certain this list will continue to grow, the moral here is I hope I never take these moments for granted, ever, very lucky girl!

Merry Christmas everyone! x

On a separate, very random, very me, fashion note: feeling festive…i’m not sure why I stopped wearing Christmas earings…or am i!? #geekchic