Billowing skirt and a 4 day week – high five!



Happy National Day Dubai! We had yesterday off which tagged on to make a lovely 3 day weekend!

A weekend of Rugby Sevens and lots of sofa time….relaxing, haven’t done enough of that since I got to Dubai, its been all PLAY and WORK! Fun times though.

It appears half of Dubai also have today off so a relatively quiet day ahead in the office, casual day of a super long (even on me) silk maxi skirt in red, classic black vest, flats and a statement bag #prcitygirl goes casual. And my attempt at the National Day colours, finished off by my green Kate Spade purse, well I was nearly there.

As ever an enjoyable walk to the Metro and on to work, music of choice today was David Gray, some may think that to be a sad choice, but not at all….listen to the words….reflective moments walking over the bridge looking at the impressive skyline I live amongst. A definite “I live in Dubai moment!”

As anticipated a chilled day at work, and a nail appointment at lunch….we have gone red, at the request of a man….very rare I listen to them! Strange but good!

Juice 3 day cleanse starts tomorrow, shall I have chips for tea???


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