Facebook Faces – how true…

I’ve just read a great article in wkend the Khaleej Times supplement. wkend is great for articles you read and really fully understand, very real even if you don’t always agree #like

Facebook Faces, by Karen Ann Monsy

She states “The whole world is on the most popular social media site, but what is your Facebook avatar: stalker, habitual ‘liker’, ‘selfie’ artist, check in specialist, self promoter, follower? We profile the most common types of ‘virtual denizen’ attributes”

Well the ‘whole world’ might be a strong statement but I can certainly count on one hand the people I know who aren’t on Facebook. Even my Mom is, she might not have mastered it but she certainly has a FB presence on the site we check….how many times a day!?

Her article states that among your Facebook ‘friends’ (friends said loosely because I appear to have 602 – lucky me, 602 friends – another interesting subject area for another day) you can categorise people into the following titles, and yes it’s very true. Read the list below and I guarantee one name comes to mind for each.


1. The selfie artists

2. The stalkers

3. The habitual commentators/likers

4. The attention seekers

5. The self-promoters

6. The activists

7. The loved up ones a) The over sharing parent b) The PDA couple c) The proud pet owner

8. The check-in experts

9. The Poker/Gamers

10. The unnaturally popular

If you’re my Facebook friend which one do you think I thought was you????



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